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"before finding this site I was wasting hours writing out characters with little use."

- Scott Wilson, Vancouver

"the only thing faster would be being able to download them directly into my brain"

- Mark J, Singapore

"a well-thought out application that takes some of the pain out of learning characters"

- Kylie Osbourne , Melbourne

Here's Why You'll Learn Chinese Characters Faster than you ever thought possible ...

basic characters

First You'll Learn the Basic Characters

The system teaches you Chinese characters based on an optimized learning sequence that actually makes them easy to learn. First You'll Learn Basic Components

The course starts off by teaching you the basic components making sure you can differentiate the characters many beginning students confuse.

For example, beginning students might not realise that the characters mù and ér shown here are actually two different characters, not the same character written differently.

phonetic series

Then You'll Learn Characters based on Their Phonetic Series

Over 80% of modern Chinese characters were created according to the 'picto-phonetic' method. These characters include a phonetic component which suggests the sound and a radical component that suggests the meaning.

Learning these characters as part of their phonetic series helps you see the logic behind the characters and means you can easily remember whole groups of characters.

phonetic series

You'll Also Study Easily Confused Characters Together

Some characters have no direct relationship but are easily confused by beginning students. Learning them together helps you differentiate them.